Go! Conditioning wants to help you shape up!

And when we say shape up, we mean feel good about your body.

Can’t believe how tired, stiff and round you’ve become?

Do you need motivation to get started and an effective program to follow?

Or perhaps your regular routine just isn’t getting results?

We can help.

Diana really listens, observes and researches to prepare programs that suit my particular needs. She helps me focus to ensure that I am getting the benefit from each movement while avoiding injury. As well she challenges me appropriately by increasing reps / weights / difficulty.”

– Nancy Dungeon

Go! Conditioning specializes in functional training. We know what it’s like to be there – surprised by our changing body shape, unmotivated by our lack of energy, and limited by our aches and pains.

The good news is our bodies are amazingly resilient. Even after years of neglect, injuries and on-again off-again exercising it’s possible to regain your strength, improve your posture and increase your energy. We will show you how.

I believe your classes are healing my knee issues and I’m quite grateful.”

– Pat McKenzie

Pat McKenzie

Go! Conditioning offers a variety of specialized services and we provide you with free tips that will inform, amuse and inspire you.

Our approach is simple – keep your body active, your mind engaged and your spirit fulfilled.

And know that we’ll be by your side to support you every step of the way!