about-350x500-1I’m Diana D’Amelio and as the founder of Go! Conditioning my goal is to make you strong, fit and confident.

How will I do that?

First and foremost by getting to know you. I listen to your concerns, assess your fitness level, and work with you to create an effective program that you’ll enjoy doing to help you achieve your goals.

Two years ago, I was searching for a trainer who understood my body was 64 and not 24 years old; that I had a fear of injury; and, I was seriously committed to becoming healthy. Fortunately, I met Diana and I’ve not looked back since thanks to her patience, technical knowledge, flexibility to try different things, and her steadfast encouragement.”

– Julie Bean

I have spent more than 30 years in the gym. Initially, I joined a fitness club at 19 to lose weight and soon after became a fitness instructor to stay in shape and put myself through college. It didn’t take long to realize that exercise was good for my  mind as well. Quite frankly it’s a great stress reliever.

I love the high of strength training and the peacefulness of a long run and I’ve been working out ever since.

After more than 20 years as a production executive I decided it was time for a change. In many ways my body knew it before I did.

It had become increasingly clear that sitting down for long periods of time at work was not doing my back any favours. I noticed that not only in myself but also with my team, many of whom were 10 or more years younger. It wasn’t just back problems but shoulder, hip and knee issues.

So I decided to do something about it. I began scheduling stretching sessions in our day and invited the staff to bring their dogs to the office so we could all go out for walks.

This is where I seriously began to investigate the link between exercise and feeling young. It has fascinated me ever since.

My forties were a big turning point in my life. Whether it was ticking things off my bucket list (although I’m not sure I consciously had one), or engaging a somewhat restless spirit – I was no longer afraid to try new things. I took up ballet and discovered I had definitely missed my calling. Not because I was good but because I loved it. Then I took cello lessons. Next I tried boxing.


Porch View Dances 2012

On the cusp of my fifties, I finally quit my job and became a certified personal trainer.

Now I’m doing what I love and I want to share what I know.

Each year I continue to learn new tools of the trade to benefit my clients. I have a specialty in older adults (OAS) and I have certifications in TRX Suspension Training (you have to try it, it’s a great workout and a lot of fun!); Bosu Mobility & Stability for Active Aging, Level 1; Bonefit 1(Osteoporosis Canada); Functional Assessment, Exercise & Program Design (Darby Training Systems); and First Aid & CPR.

“When I first joined the Stretch Class I knew I needed something to keep myself mobile but it wasn’t until I attended several sessions that I realized how great this program is. I had been in pain for a long time and now I have been pain-free for a year and feeling years younger.”

– Sue McLeod

I know it’s not always easy. As a mother of an active teenager, the wife of a travelling executive and the daughter of a father in care with dementia, I truly understand the demands and stresses of juggling a career and family life while trying to make time to stay fit. But it is worth it.

Know that I will encourage you, cheer you on and work really hard to get your body in a place that makes you happy!