What makes you happy?

The other day I was on my way to an appointment and just as I was leaving the house I looked down at my boots and said to my husband, “these boots make me happy.” Although they’re basically a heavy-soled pair of lace-ups, they are dyed a smattering of pink, gray and white that just delight me whenever I wear them – particularly on what happened to be a dull, rainy day.

Anyone who knows me knows I love shoes – well shoes, boots, a pretty pair of sandals – any footwear really. And since I wear running shoes for the better part of my day when I have the opportunity to put on a pair of street shoes, it typically pleases me to no end. And if they are a pair of Fleuvogs, my favourite shoe designer, than that’s even better!


Body – I’m not a big fan of counting calories – I mean we all know a donut has a lot of empty calories – but this surprising video gives you a very clear idea of what 200 calories looks like and the mistakes you can make counting them:

Source: vod.io/tknYb/


Mind – The saying “healthy body, healthy mind” seems to resonate even more with age. And although this article may have been targeted for a younger crowd, we can all benefit from a little “toxic” cleansing:



Spirit – What does it take to move you? It turns out us regular folk look for inspiration much the same way as our celebrity counterparts: